• Carmen Milligan

12 Steps to Better Glasses

Hello, my name is Carmen and I am a glass-aholic.

I bought some more drinking glasses over the weekend. I was on my way to buy an air fryer, but stopped at my favorite antique shop downtown, owned by my friend Belinda, on the way. She had just bought items from two estate sales before they went public, and, in her own words, "They didn't have enough to go to a public sale now." Way to go, girl!

And, lordy, the stuff! Yes, I bought a few things. Yes, I spent my air fryer money. And yes, I am finally acknowledging the fact that I may have a little problem saying no to glassware. And shut up right now if it's etched crystal.

I saw these Libby glass gold foliage coolers, and remembered the tray that I had purchased from Belinda months ago, and thought the two would be perfect together. And they are! Even my fabulous Aunt Diner thought they were a set when she saw the pic on Facebook.

And look at this beautiful set! I have looked online and think this is Murano glass Dandong China (which I'm not really sure what that means, but I saw it on Etsy with that description). As I was walking around the shop, there was another shopper there who came in specifically to look at this set. She walked out without buying, and I sprang into action! There are seven tumblers with the pitcher, and all are in pristine condition. As always, Belinda offered me a bit of a discount because I had my arms full of other things.

I come from a long list of women who may need the occasional 12-step program. My mom "collects" bed linens, lamps, and throw pillows. My grandmother ... what did my grandmother collect? I am going to have to talk to mom about that, and jog my memory. Stay tuned for a future post on what my beloved Nanny collected!

I am also going to post the other items I bought, but in separate posts. That's how FABulous this stuff is!

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