• Carmen Milligan

Adding a candidate to the ballot

I have just had the greatest idea, and I cannot be the first person to think this: we should add a candidate to the presidential ticket every four years! The name of this candidate: "You have GOT to be kidding me!" Or, maybe "This is the best America has?!" Perhaps "Back to the drawing board".

And that candidate would be counted as any other candidate. If they "win" the election, the various parties have to regroup and come up with another alternative. There is no more "the lesser of two evils". If all candidates suck, the American people have the right and voice to say so, not to be forced to choose between candidates in which no one has confidence.

I am tired of voting "against" someone, and not for them (looking at you, Trump and Biden), or voting for the lesser offensive of the two (looking at you Trump and Clinton). Finally, no more feeling lukewarm about the choices (glancing at Bush and Kerry). Once the big political machines decide who they will back, the rest is set in stone. There were A LOT of better candidates for the Democrats running in Trump's re-election. And hey, party leaders: You DO NOT have to invite the incumbent back. You can actually start fresh, if you like.

Let's shake things up a bit on the presidential election side. See what happens. The worst that can happen is that the shitty choices we have turn out to be not so shitty after all, but I suspect a far different outcome.

Then, we'll start talking about (gasp!) term limits for Congress.

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