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An oddly accurate quiz

I am a sucker for online quizzes. Which Friends character am I? Monica. Which Hogwarts house? Gryffindor. My Hipster Aesthetic is Tumblr Incarnate (qualities manifest themselves in a space that's cozy, unique, and the perfect backdrop to any impromptu photo shoot), and my flower is lavender.

So, when I saw a Buzzfeed Quiz on what my personality is based on how I browse a bookstore, I jumped on it. It was oddly accurate:

You got: You're charismatic and make connections easily, but are secretly afraid of what others think.

You're what the kids call a "people person." This doesn't necessarily mean you're the life of a party or even an extrovert — you're just really good at connecting with others and making them feel heard. You can make friends with almost anyone. You give off a confident, self-assured vibe, but deep down, you worry a lot about how others perceive you and often feel like an imposter. Don't be afraid to embrace your true self.

Hmmmm. I think I used to be a lot more worried what people thought of me than I am now. At my age, I have a small group of people who will love and support me no matter what; and, love me for the entire me, not just for the parts of which they approve and want to see.

While the some of the questions didn't have the answer that I wanted (which section of the bookstore would I go to first? Literary fiction. Not listed.), so I chose the best of the choices I was given.

And yep, it's oddly accurate.

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