• Carmen Milligan

...and just like that, summer ends.

Remember when your grandmom used to tell you that time seemed to move faster the older she got? She was so right. I wonder why. Could it be because we heap more and more activities and responsibilities on ourselves as we age? That definitely makes life more hectic, and less fun.

I think a huge time thief is social media. While it does some really great things, like connect people, advance social change, and entertain, it also takes some serious discipline to not fall into a proverbial rabbit hole. The main issue for me is the constant stimulation. That makes our brain work all the time, and it is changing the way we think, respond, and process information.

So, with that said, let's use this fall to unplug a little. If you normally turn on the television first thing, wait a bit. Let your mind and body wake up without being accosted by the day's news. Sit with your coffee or tea, and look outside. Watch the birds flying, the squirrels burying nuts for later, and the colors of the leaves hinting at a change. Take deep breaths and stretch, getting that sleepy body reading for some movement.

And then start slow ... put on some music. No, not gangsta rap. That's for later. haha. Spotify and Amazon Music have some great morning playlists.

And then, greet the day.

Here's hoping that fall 2020 will be a little slower, a lot better, and more relaxing than the summer has been.

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