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And speaking of email signatures...

A lot of people in business use their email signatures to promote their company, bring attention to a special promotion, or attach their business card. Basically, it's the very bottom of the email, after the closing. However, a lot of people promote something else entirely. Many of these, of course, mean something to the sender, but very rarely to the recipient. That's why I have always eschewed adding anything to the bottom of my emails, in the signature.

I'm talking motivational quotes, Bible verses, and the like. Here is a sampling of some that I run across:

  • When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier (Roy E. Disney)

  • Your mind is your lead, inject with positivity. Your feet are your foundation, walk with purpose. And your heart is your stamp, make it beautiful. - Tene Edwards

  • God is good all the time.

  • Ad Astra Per Aspera

And, yes, these are actual signature lines that I have received on my work email. Since it's work, I think correspondence should be work-related. There are rules about sending jokes, chain letters, and the like through email. Shouldn't there also be a rule against putting anything in a signature line that is not relevant or may even offend someone? I mean, there are some great lines from "Pirates of the Caribbean", but I don't need Captain Jack Sparrow to help me try to live my best life.

Best business practice: Keep the business signatures business.

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