• Carmen Milligan

Apostrophe abuse

I can barely stand it. Which means that, sometimes, I can't stand it. I had to correct a coworker today when she wrote that "we need more emoji's".

More emoji's what? More emoji's emotes? More emoji's friends? More emoji's emotions?

Of course, she meant it to be plural, but this is a pretty sharp group, and I didn't want her to look ignorant to this particular grammar rule.

Here is how I approached her:

"This is actually something that is happening more and more, but I think it's noticeable in this group. When you use 's, it denotes a possessive. Adding a simple s to the end of a word makes it plural. So, when you say that we need more emojis, you would add the simple s, and forgo the apostrophe."

She is a very, very nice person, and very pleasant with which to work, so I hesitated to correct her. After all, no one likes correction. However, she is also very smart and seems to be on top of her game. So, much to my relief, she was very gracious when I brought it up. I want her to come across as smart as she is.

And they lived happily ever after!

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