• Carmen Milligan

Are you kidding me, Jeopardy?!

In what I would say is the MOST OBVIOUS choice for the next host of Jeopardy, there is a potential misstep-fall from grace-travesty situation in the near future.

Going strong for 37 seasons, most of its success, at least in the last 20 years, is100% due to the charismatic, smart, engaging, and occasionally self-deprecating host, Alex Trebek.

Since June 13, 2014, Trebek has held a Guinness World Record for "the most gameshow episodes hosted by the same presenter (same program)" for having hosted 6,829 episodes of Jeopardy. Seven Emmy Awards, as well as the Daytime Emmy Awards Lifetime Achievement in 2011, were just some of the accolades he received.

Let's take a moment.

And now, it's time for the new executive producer to find another host. There will be a "guest host" until the permanent choice is announced before next season. Some of the guest hosts:

  • Ken Jennings - long speculated to take the reigns. There is not one thing charismatic about this man. Yes, he won. A lot. Good for him. Not a host. Nope.

  • Katie Couric - She's had her moment. Nope.

  • Dr. Oz - Is this a fucking joke?

  • Aaron Rodgers - No, and not Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Brett Favre, or any other retired sports figure.

  • Anderson Cooper - I admit that I would like the snark factor he may bring, but nope.

  • Bill Whitaker - Looks like he would be dry as dust. Nope.

  • Buzzy Cohen - STOP with the contestant-as-host nominations. Nope.

  • Mayim Bialik - I like her a lot, but I'm afraid that she may get political. Nope.

  • Savannah Guthrie - Good Lord, people. Is Matt Lauer on this list somewhere, too?

  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta - Another stay--in-your-lane option. Nope.

  • George Stephanopoulos - <sigh> Nope.

  • Robin Roberts - Lacks the umph. Nope.

  • David Faber - Who the hell is this dweeb?

  • Joe Buck - See "Dr. Oz"

  • Mike Richards - You're already executive producer. Stay behind the scenes, buddy.

  • LeVar Burton - HELL YES. The ONLY choice, as far as I am concerned. He BRINGS it all. And he already has a huge following. When Jeopardy tweeted the last round of guest hosts, LeVar was the only one with a "!" behind this name. Yep. They know.

Let's hear it for LeVar!

According to an author of a book on the gameshow, “You want somebody who projects that sort of gravitas, that academic air to them that Trebek, of course, had. And so I think that’s why a lot of people have been really clamoring for LeVar Burton.”

From an NPR article: "Earlier this year, Burton’s decades of work in literacy and children’s education prompted the PEN/Faulkner Foundation to name him its first-ever literary champion."

Deadpool even endorsed him. What more do you producers want?! Looking forward to the announcement.

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