• Carmen Milligan

Awesome crafting box from Annette!

I got a package in the mail from my friend Annette, who lives out west. Decorative Journaling brought us together several years ago, and we have been in touch since. I love me some Annette, and she calls me "poodle", which I find irresistible. Here are some pics of the package contents (scroll through):

The first pic shows it all. I LOVE the artwork of the ladies!! There are three, and they are all signed and titled.

Second pic is a close up of a pin and an adorable stuffed cat.

Third highlights a package of incense sticks that smell like ... pussy. I guess like the black cat pictured. That's my hope. haha

The fourth pic highlight adult coloring books that are SO me! Along with cards that encourage you to talk about how fabulous you think I am.

I love it all so hard, and thank my friend very much for KNOWING me!! Love to you, Annette!!

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