• Carmen Milligan

Banned Books Week: Day 3

Which books are the most challenged, you ask?

Well, the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom has your answer!

There seems to be waves of "causes" that take the spotlight from year to year. Several years ago it was sexuality explicit material, leading to the occult, evolving to violence, after that was rebellion, and now it is LGBTQ+. So, as you can see, there are certain hot buttons that seem to become the darling of censors.

Interestingly, the wording in many challenges quite often contains "glorifies", "portrays in a positive light", "supports", etc. Basically, if something a parent doesn't like is presented in a positive light, and they want it removed. There was even one challenged because the depictions of slavery were too graphic (The Slave Dancer by Paula Fox).

I know and understand what it is like to think your child is not ready to read certain material, but that is no reason whatsoever to have the material removed, making it impossible for anyone to read it.

Read, People! Read!

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