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Carmen's Bookshelves!!

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

I have gone on and on about my built-in bookcase, handcrafted by cabinet-maker David Morrow. If you listen to the podcast Rachel and I have, Bubbly Bibbly, you know that I promised pics, and have yet to deliver. Until now!

Are they not truly something beautiful?! And I have such a lovely amount of space. So much space that I am able to display bookish trinkets with my books. I am simply in love with these bookcases, and they look as if they have been here for the history of the house.

But then I added lights to certain shelves, making them transform yet again when the sun sets.

I added a few more lights after this photo was taken, and I will update it soon, but this is the one I have right now.

And, yes, that is an entire block given to Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Ahhhh. It's the little things.

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