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Easily, one of the top 10!

My sorority little sister, Linda, whom I met some 35 years ago, invited me to attend an Auburn football game with her. It was on the Saturday night after I returned home from the Gulf Coast earlier that week, so I was not looking forward to another 8ish hours in a vehicle. BUT, it had been about 35 years since I had attended a college football game, and I was all IN!

As with a Miss Mojo list, I am not including obvious wonderful experiences, like having my children. With that caveat, this was easily one of the top 10 experiences of my life.

Linda does her Auburn football games in style. Our seats were upgrades a few days before the game to the student scholarship section. On the 35 yardline. With catered concessions. Catered concessions that are free.

At 3pm, we headed to the Alabama Republican Party tailgate tent. Which was actually three tailgate tents joined together. There were two flat screens televising the Georgia vs Florida game. Tommy Tubberville, Robert Aderholt, and several past Auburn players were at the game, and came by the tent. I even saw 10-year pro veteran Jason Campbell being interviewed.

at 4pm, we headed over to the Tiger Walk, which we missed because they did it early. But we were able to get a great spot for the Four Corners marching band entrance. They put a ladder in the middle of the intersection, where one of the three Drum Majors stands to lead the band, which is marching toward one another from two directions. Spectacular!

Then it was time to enter the stadium and find out seats, settling in for the eagle flyover.


The eagle flyover was pure perfection. It flew from the closest corner to us, right over our seats, circled back again for another really close look, then swooped in from the far corner to land on the field. It was simply marvelous. There are two eagles at the game: the golden eagle and the bald eagle. It was the golden eagle that flew on this night.

The entire experience was purely exceptional!

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