• Carmen Milligan

Hands off!

One thing that we have heard over and over again in this age of pandemic (I never thought I'd type THOSE words) is to keep your hands off your face. I cannot keep my hands off my face.

I'm not even sure how, after a lifetime of face touching, I should even start. When I think, my hand is on my face. When I rest, my face rests in my hand. When I stretch, my hands are on my head (but I guess that really doesn't count as being on my face). When I laugh, my hand is over my mouth. When I am shocked, same thing. My hands LOVE my face. They want to constantly be near my face.

To assist, I googled "How to keep your hands off your face". WOW! Jackpot! Here are some suggestions from experts:

  • Don't ignore the urge. A mantra is not going to change behavior. Recognize that your hands are completely in love with your face.

  • Keep your hands busy. Touch something else. As I type this, I am not tempted to touch my face because my fingers are busy bees, zipping across the keyboard.

  • Use a barrier between your face and hands. Slathering Vaseline over my hands would probably stop me from touching my face. But gross. Picking up a tissue after I have thoroughly washed my hands for 25 seconds and placing it on my face to keep them from actually touching is a remedy. Not. The article didn't say this, but I guess I could tape little razors to my fingers to keep me from touching, a la Edward Scissorhands. Dog cone of shame would also work. This recommendation is just inane.

  • Choose a competing behavior. My hands need a friend, and that friend is currently my face. What if I get them a new friend? Like a stress ball, silly putty, or something like that.

The article may be on to something here! This last suggestion actually makes sense in a very practical way. As a matter of fact, I found a t-shirt online that supports face-touching addicts like me! I can think of several things to otherwise touch that doesn't include my face, but makes me just as happy (get your minds out of the gutter, pervs!). A drink in both hands just may be the answer I was looking to find.


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