• Carmen Milligan

He's doing it again

Y'all. You know that I don't understand the appeal that mowing the lawn seems to have on men. I swear my neighbor mows his grass every three days. He is retired, as is his wife, as it gets him out of the house. That's the only thing I can think of. It gives him something to do. I get that. With that being said, I am surrounded by retired male neighbors. That means that there is a mower going all the damn time. All the damn time. Someone is always mowing their damn yard.

However, the man who mows my yard is a little different because he likes to mow with his shirt off. I'm all for showing a little skin if you are in shape. Or under 60 years old. However, I find it hard to appreciate human anatomy while it's shaking and jiggling while seated on a Craftsman.

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