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Henry Rollins recommends...

I was watching an episode of Hot Ones from First We Feast with Henry Rollins on YouTube when he was asked an AWESOME question: If you could recommend one album, one movie, and one book for the national curriculum, what would they be? Rollins answered with his book recommendation first (the media truest to his essence, maybe?). He chose "The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery", a historical non-fiction book written by American historian Eric Foner. The book details Lincoln's journey, mentally, socially, and politically, through slavery to emancipation during the Civil War. Rollins was so passionate when we spoke about it that I knew I had to read it! It won the Pulitzer Prize, the Bancroft Prize, and the Lincoln Prize (I wonder if the judges for the Lincoln Prize felt compelled - hehe),

And, by the way, "Raw Power" by the Stooges was the album to "be given to everyone in America at the time of their birth", and "Apocalypse Now" was his recommended movie because "it's so much about war that it's not about war, but insanity, and the insanity of war".

Pretty insightful from a punk rocker, huh?

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