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I made a new friend!

I made a new friend. Her name is Courtney, and she is an alumna in my sorority. That alone is a great thing, and already gives us something in common. But, to me, the BEST thing about Courtney is that she is a dedicated bibliophile!

As a matter of fact, Rachel and I had dinner with her this week, and she brought me a book! Eeeeek!!

At the last alum meeting, she sat across from me, and we starting talking about reading, books, and all things bookish. Her favorite author is Joshilyn Jackson. I knew that name, so was pretty sure I had read something by her. I kept trying to come up with the title, throwing out words that felt right. I was pretty sure a US state was involved. "Between, Georgia!" she declared, and she was right!

The book she brought is an ARC titled "Mother May I", with this as the tag line: "Revenge doesn’t wait for permission." I was going to copy and paste the summary from GoodReads, but it is so freaking long. If you want to know more about this book, go and read about it here.

But, y'all! I have a new friend who also loves to read who is also in my sorority who also just gave me a book!

Oh! But wait! There's more!

I have finally started menopause, complete with hot flashes. I bought a few bamboo hand fans (like the one used by The Ancient One in "Dr. Strange") to use when the need arises. Guess who also carries a hand fan in her purse? My new friend Courtney! And what did she say right after she told me that she bought hers in Spain (insert mad envy here)? "I think you've met your match in me."

Indeed, Courtney! Indeed!

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