• Carmen Milligan

If it's going to be half-assed ...

Listen: If you are going to open a business and go into debt for space, equipment, and promotion, and then do a half-assed job at your job, don't bother, okay?

There is nowhere that "you never get a second chance to make a first impression" applies more than in business. There are too many sources for just about everything today, and you cannot be a new business owner and survive if you make a shitty first impression.

Looking for an example? Well, lucky you! I just happen to have one!

My podcast co-host, Rachel, knows a man who owns a studio catering to podcasters, so she set up a time for the two of us to record two episodes there. It is a very nice set up. There is a HUGE green screen in the main room, and a studio off to the side with another green screen, tables, chairs, microphones, and a number of cameras. He preprogrammed our transition music into his sound board, so all Rachel had to do was press a button and the sound was automatically inserted in the audio. It was pretty visually impressive. We had a great time recording the episodes, and even recorded a "commercial" for Warr-King Wines, which is what Rachel and I were sipping that evening.

When Rachel received the recordings from the business owner (weeks after the promised date, by the way), it was CRAP. There is not one thing that she can use, and we are going to have to re-record the episodes and the advertising spot. It was a total waste of time.

My first question was: Did he not listen to the product before he sent it? Did he not review it? There was absolutely no quality check?

This man is not a teenager, and if you are old enough to own your own business, you are old enough to take responsibility for knowing (or not knowing, in this case) how to make sure your customers are pleased with your product. Else, you won't be in business long.

Rachel has reached out to him several times, and finally got his assistant. Rachel was clear that we were not to be charged for this unusable file. So far, she hasn't heard back. Needless to say, we won't be back, we won't recommend his services, and (right or wrong) he won't get another chance from the Bubbly Bibbly team.

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