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Just another manic Monday

Mondays after a long holiday suck. There was a meme I saw that said, "I have to go back to work Monday and I don't even remember what I do for a living." haha!

That got me to thinking about the Bangles song, "Manic Monday". I loved the Bangles. Well, I think everyone did. Every male from the age of 12 to 60 almost busted a nut when Susanna Hoffs moves her eyes back and forth in the video for "Walk Like an Egyptian".


See? If I tried that, someone would say to me, "Do you have something in your eye?" That, or I'd look like Regan MacNeil. Neither of which would be a compliment. Or the effect I was after.

Then I was thinking about singers from the past and Peter Frampton popped into my mind. Is he still alive?

Yes, yes he is still alive. Peter Frampton is 71 years old, and (I hope) retired.

The reason I say "I hope" is because there is not much sadder than growing up with a singer/band who just won't let go of the spotlight. To reinvent yourself is one thing. Madonna has reinvented herself time and again, and remained relevant. But to resort to stunts in an attempt to regain your former glory ... well, that's just pitiful. Again, this is what Madonna is currently doing with her "Madame X" shite.

Madonna - leave Instragram alone. No one wants to see your 63-year-old nipple. Thank you, Instagram, for taking it down.

There is no doubt that singers lose vocal abilities as they age, which is why I would not be interested in seeing Aerosmith, Elton John, or (ahem) Madonna in concert today. They are past their peak.

But back to manic Monday. Mondays get such a bad rap, and all because it's the first day of the workweek. So not fair. "Monday morning Quarterback" is usually an asshole who thinks he could have coached the game better. "Black Monday" is the day after Easter, and supposed to bring bad luck. The Mamas and The Papas liked every other day of the week, but on Monday, they always cried. Snoopy is allergic to Monday, Garfield is a Friday person in a Monday world, Maxine wants to know where she can return Mondays, and Kevin the minion encourages you to pretend it's not Monday.

C'mon, let's give Monday more respect. Maybe it can now be called "Margarita Monday"? Let's see if that catches on.

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