• Carmen Milligan

Library Bait-and-Switch

Okay, technically, it's NOT an actual bait-and-switch, but pretty darned close.

I finished my e-book, and went to the Libby app to find another one.

Side note: The Libby app is the bomb! I have three library cards: Arab, Guntersville, and Huntsville. With the app, I upload all of them, and it searches across all three libraries. Brilliant!

I would be hard-pressed to find anything that the library does wrong, but I have run across one thing that is a little irritating. I was looking for a particular book series, and the library had the third in the series, but none of the others. Why would that happen? Did they have the others, and they were lost, stolen, destroyed? Or, did someone come to the library and want the third one from a series that they had never had another request for, and they ordered only that one, ... does that make sense? In any event, I think that, if a library has any in the series, they need to have the volumes that come before the one they have. I know. That doesn't really make sense. And, yet, you know exactly what I am saying.

The other thing I think is interesting is when the library will have the audio of a book, but no hard copies. Why is this? I wonder if the the audio is less expensive, or perhaps audio is more in demand in these days of COVID and "no-touch". Since I prefer to read the book rather than listen to it, I notice this, as well.

First world problems, right?

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