• Carmen Milligan

My next tattoo

This is the map from my favorite book, "The Phantom Tollbooth" by Norton Juster. I have been thinking for several years now about getting this as my next tattoo, which will be 1/2 sleeve. I found a great pic on the internet of a woman who had it done, and fell in love with it!

Doesn't it look great?! The tattooist who did the book tattoo on my forearm is no longer tattooing, which is a HUGE bummer; but, I found another at the same shop whose work I really like. I emailed him, and we are working now to find a good day and time. I am also curious about how long it will take. I think it may take the better part of a day.

What drew me to this map for my tattoo? Well, first I LOVE the book. It is so very clever, and is written to appeal to both kids and adults. Juster's word play is so fun and memorable, and the characters are both hilarious and poignant. And just look at the places on the map! Who wouldn't love such whimsical places as "Sea of Knowledge" and "Forest of Sight"? And who among us has not been to the "Mountains of Ignorance" and the "Foothills of Confusion"? Yep! This is my next tattoo.

Looking forward to it, and will keep you posted.

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