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October Reads

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

I managed to finish five books this month, and actually enjoyed all of them. You can, of course, ready my reviews at www.BubblyBibbly.com.

How I chose them:

"The Dutch House" was forever on hold at the local library, so when I received notification that the electronic version was available, I grabbed it.

"My Sister, the Serial Killer". I mean, come on. Who can pass on a book with a title that provocative? I found this book at my Friends of the Library store for $2, bought it, and took it with me to my favorite bar, where I started it while sipping a Negroni.

"Evvie Drake Starts Over" was another library hold. Have you ever noticed that book holds always seem to become available at the same time? I knew this would be a nice and easy read, so I didn't want to reschedule the e-delivery for another six weeks.

"The Haunting of Hill House" was chosen to read for the podcast. Rachel and I agreed to each read a scary book for the taping of the Halloween episode. Because I waited until the last minute, I needed a short-but-scary book, and this one was perfect.

"There There" was chosen intentionally because I wanted to read a real Native American story leading up to Thanksgiving, as opposed to the whitewashed version we most often get, with the Pilgrims and Indians sitting down in peace and friendship. I found the Tommy Orange novel on the Oprah Magazine webpage, titled, "31 Best Thanksgiving Books to Celebrate the Holiday".

And that's my October reading list!

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