• Carmen Milligan

Overwhelmed fangirl moment

Yesterday, Rachel and I interviewed author Linda Olsson. Since we recorded it for our podcast, we did it over SquadCast.

To see why this was such a big deal for me, you can read my author spotlight of Linda here.

Yes, I just called her "Linda". Eeeek!

Since she lives in Auckland, New Zealand, she is 19 hours ahead of us. So, we interviewed her on Tuesday afternoon in Alabama, but Wednesday morning in Auckland. The fact that we could see her, hear her, and record our conversation is a modern marvel. She dropped off several times, and it was starting to get stressful for Rachel and me. However, Linda simply reconnected and picked up her conversation exactly where we left off. She was so incredibly gracious each time, even as it was becoming more and more obvious that Rachel and I were really starting to stress about the inconvenience to her. But then, one time we were waiting for her to join us again after being dropped, Rachel and I reminded ourselves that Linda is on the other side of the world. THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FREAKING WORLD, and yet it was still working really, really well.

Please listen to the podcast. Please read her books. Please fall completely

in love with her as an author. She was everything and more that I wanted her to be.

Thank you, Linda Olsson. I am still on Cloud 9!

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