• Carmen Milligan


Saturday morning (yesterday), I was sitting on the sofa reading. I noticed the silver Honda that some young man from the neighborhood drives down the street like a bat out of hell pass by. There is a 90* curve in my road, then it's straight to the stop sign. I bet he gets that Honda up to 35 MPH by the time he reaches the stop sign.

This time, he was headed toward the curve. It had been drizzling earlier, so the road was wet. Sure enough, he took the curve too fast, went into a neighbor's yard, and straight to the telephone pole. Tore the front bumper of that Honda right off, as well as the headlights. The airbag didn't deploy, which is amazing. The only reason I can think of is because it had gone off sometime before, and he didn't have it replaced.

After spinning the tires a bit, he got out of the car to push the front of the vehicle to try to back away from the telephone pole. He was alone in the car, so he must have jimmied his flip flop on the gas pedal somehow. Anyway, he got it pulled onto the street, then proceeded to pick up his bumper, the bumper's liner, and various bits and pieces of his car out of the neighbor's yard. Oh, and he also picked up and moved the railroad tie that he ran over to get to the pole. Dios mio!

An expensive lesson, but I hope that little asshole driver will slow the fuck down in the future.

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