• Carmen Milligan

Seen in the wild....

Yesterday I spotted a member of the species known as "more money than sense".

While tooling around the big city, I noticed a woman in a BENTLEY SUV. I even tried to get a photo of it while I was stopped at a red light, but she was behind me, so I couldn't get a good snap.

I looked up the vehicle later, and found that the base model is about $170,000, topping out at around $300,000. I was gobsmacked.

I told my mom and dad at lunch that week, and my dad was so freaking nonchalant about it, "Why were you surprised to see it?" "Why are you shocked that someone would buy it?" I hate it when he does this, dismissing my shock and awe in a manufactured wave of open boredom at my obvious inferior hayseed and prosaic notions. So, I've started calling him on it, which gives my mother no end of entertainment. "You're right, Dad, I see $300,000 vehicles ALL THE TIME in our lovely little hamlet of HUNTSVILLE FREAKING ALABAMA. What kind of life do you live that this is NOT a shock to you? Who are your friends, that you are totally unfazed when they drop more money than all of my worldly possessions add up to, ON A FREAKING CAR?"

Anyway, I'm off track.

I told my bestie Deanne, who I can ALWAYS COUNT ON to share my open-mouthed flabbergasted amazement. Her wise words? That, should she ever have this much money to spend on a vehicle, she would instead hire someone to drive her. Brilliant! Spend $50K a year on a driver, and get the nicest Lincoln or Cadillac available, then sit back and enjoy the scenery.

I still cannot fathom the type person who spends this much money on a vehicle. As a matter of fact, it reeks of conspicuous consumption. In my opinion, only someone who didn't work, actually work, to get that money would waste it in such an egregious way. Kind of like sports stars spending their millions on ridiculous things. Because they made their money by PLAYING A GAME. People who WORK, toil, agonize over their income, I would think, spend with a little more restraint and respect for where the money comes from and how quickly it can go. Driving a Bentley SUV is tantamount to waving flags saying, "Look at me! I have so much money that I am able to drive a vulgar and ostentatious vehicle!"

What do you guys think about it?

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