• Carmen Milligan

Sometimes you just need a voodoo doll

You know, sometimes life events call for a good 'ole voodoo doll. Just the old-fashioned, hand-stitched, body-shaped voodoo doll.

It can be as simple or as complicated as you want it. It can be large or small. You can embroider features, or sew on buttons or other pieces of fabric to stand in for eyes, heart, clothing, etc.

Creating a voodoo doll is really a journey. If you are making it with a particular person in mind, as I am, it can be very therapeutic. So, while it sounds kind of scary and dark, it's simply a way that some deal with those negative feelings. I am transferring those feelings into the doll, and yes, I will eventually stick pins in it.

Because getting over a wrong is a process. I hesitate to call it forgiveness because I am not huge on forgiveness when it comes to what I consider to have been a heinous experience. But, working through these feelings is kind of like recovering from a car accident. You have glass in your skin, and, as you heal, more and more glass comes to the surface, ready to be removed. Letting something go is not a "one and done", but can take years of healing and picking out shards causing pain at various times.

For my voodoo doll, I am using embroidery floss and bits of fabric to stand in for facial features and the heart. My doll inspiration also wears flashy socks with his suits, so I will also be embroidering designs where socks would be. I like to make it personal. When I finish, I will post a picture of the finished doll.

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