• Carmen Milligan

Spoons Theory

I was looking at a journal page on the Decorative Journaling group on fb today, and I saw a reference to "not many spoons today". I had no idea what that meant, so I breezed on by and looked at some other posts. But it kept at me. "Not many spoons today." Obviously it meant something. Enough for my friend to make a note of it, and even illustrate it by drawing a spoon next to her text. So, I googled.

Am I the only one who doesn't know about this? Maybe because I don't suffer from a chronic illness. Thank goodness.

As I understand it, it is a way for a person to mentally parse out their day, by using spoons as units of energy. Depending on the activity, more or less spoons may be needed. And you start the day with a finite number of spoons.

It's an interesting concept, and clever tool to use. However, my question is: why does a person need to mentally do this? Because they have goals for the day, and they can't plan too much that may physically take a toll? Don't we all do that? If you know that going to the market is going to deplete your energy, you either don't plan anything else with a heavy energy toll, rest as much as you are able before you go to the market, or ask that someone go with you to help share the task. Why do you need to mentally allocate spoons?

Can someone explain this more to me?

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