• Carmen Milligan

That damn cat!

I have four floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room of my mid-century modern house. Very often, I will bring my computer into the living room so I can have this view during work, on those days I am able to work from home. Just the other day, General Sterling Price, my Maine Coon cat, was lounging outside, but became very intent very quickly. He obviously had spotted something. Usually when this happens, it is a small jumping bug or a butterfly or something else like that. This time, however, it was a mole (or vole, honestly what is the difference?).

General leapt, crept, and batted the little rodent all the way to its hole in the ground, where it escaped into the safety of the tunnels dug under my yard. The little bastard! Then General sat there, staring at the hole like the mole/vole was stupid enough to come back out right away. So irritating. Being an inside cat has made him soft. Being fed regularly has made him complacent. I can see that it may be time for a bit of a boot camp for General Lazy Bones.

That cat owes me a dead rodent.

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