• Carmen Milligan

The dentist is your friend!

Have you ever noticed that people hate going to the dentist? I was on a conference call today for work, and the boss joked that he needed someone to go to his dental appointment for him today. There was a flurry of people responding, "Not me!", "I think I will pass!", "No thank you!", and others.

I love going to the dentist. I love getting my teeth cleaned, and the feeling of those smooth pearly whites afterward. I actually make my cleaning appointments every three months. Because going every six months just seems too long to wait. One thing I don't love is the scraping of the tartar and plaque, but if you visit your friendly hygienist more often, that scraping is greatly diminished!

HINT: the key here is to practice good dental hygiene between those dental visits. You HAVE to brush every day (preferably twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed). You HAVE to floss every day. You HAVE to be aware of those foods you eat, especially during the sugary sweet holidays, that are going to cling to your teeth. You may actually have to brush more than normal. After a meal, I use a dental pick and floss those bits and pieces out that may be trying to hide in my teeth nooks and crannies. It's quick, easy, and practically effortless. And dental picks are pretty cheap, costing a few dollars for 80-100. That's a lot of flossing power!

So, put that dental hater-ade on ice, and make an appointment today!

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