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Thinking of TV during book club discussion

My sorority alum/collegiate book club is going strong, and we had another discussion this past Sunday. This discussion was on "A Week In Winter" by Maeve Binchy, which all of us liked, for the most part. I mentioned two attendees toward the end who had not said anything, and I was so happy that they did, indeed, have comments, and very good ones. As a matter of fact, I was a little disappointed that neither of them had brought up their ideas/issues earlier in the call because there were some meaty tidbits in there that could have led to a more in-depth discussion.

BUT, the purpose of this missive is the fact that I thought of television shows and movies throughout the discussion as items of comparison to the characters in the book. I got to the point that I didn't want to bring it up because it would look like I watched waaaaay more television than I read.

Wait. Let me think on that. Well, yes. I guess I do watch more television than I read. Hmmm. Drat this self-reflection! haha

Anyway, when we were talking about the fact that everyone told Chicky (one of the main characters) their secrets, heartaches, etc. because they didn't feel that she would repeat the info, judge them for their thoughts or behavior, or try to offer advice on how to live a better life. She would just let them talk. In this case, I thought of the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, "What the Deaf Man Heard".

When we talked about how everyone seemed destined to come to this inn at this particular time, and how Chicky had the knack of helping the guests see exactly what they needed at the perfect moment, I thought about the Lifetime show, "The Good Witch".

Lastly, there was a young woman traveling with her boyfriend's mother, who was very nasty, condescending, and downright hateful to her (out of jealousy). I instantly thought of the JLo movie, "Monster-In-Law", where Jane Fonda plays the jealous mom and JLo the girlfriend.

So many parallels between the screen and the page. I love tying the two together, but it does make me feel less of a bibliophile and more of a couch potato.

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