• Carmen Milligan

Thoughts on showering

I was thinking the other day about showering. I don't know why, but if I don't get up and get right in the shower, I dread showering for the rest of the day, until I finally do it. While I was considering this, it occurred to me that showering is like aerobics. It is nonstop movement and action. Unless you just stand there under the water, which I do not. Do you know what really gets your heart rate up when you are exercising? Moving your arms. Getting your arms involved. Do you know how you get clean in the shower? Moving your arms. They are always moving. Above your head, around your body, down your legs, to the soles of your feet. There is bending, twisting, reaching, and all the while, balance is key. So there is that core, engaged the entire time.

It's no wonder I dread the shower. It's a mini workout!

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