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To battle? What? Well, not ME!

Updated: Jan 5

I am wrapping up season 2 of "The Witcher" on Netflix, and I realized something that made me stop mid-scene, grab my computer, and rant about "leaders" going into battle.

To summarize, in this episode, Reince brings more than a few strongmen to capture Ciri. Once Geralt shows up, Reince steps in the back to allow his thugs to do his fighting for him. The camera follows him as he slinks away from the danger.

That brings me to several scenarios where there is a leader giving all of the orders, and the front-line fighters who carry them out. The leader, who is making the decisions, doesn't actually go into harm's way. Da fuck?

The last American leader to actually go into a battle that he started was James Madison. Others, like George H. W. Bush served in combat, but not while he was President. It is the modern way to call for war, then watch from afar, safe in your fort/home/bunker.

And many of these assholes run. Sadam Hussein was hiding in a freaking hole. Hitler was in a bunker. Even on screen, this yellow-bellied scaredy cat "leader" is portrayed. Rugen from "The Princess Bride", the warden from "Shawshank", and almost all of the bad guys from "Game of Thrones". They talk a big game but toss others under the bus and run when the odds are no longer in their favor. Anyone who sends people to war while they stay safe and cozy is a coward. They are not "the brains" that should be protected. They are the cowards who can be replaced.

And so, I will wrap up this feel-good post with this: If you declare war, you must be on the front, leading the charge. Don't worry. I'm sure you are completely righteous in your cause. And rest assured that, should you perish, there are others, a virtual myriad of others, who are able to take your place.

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