• Carmen Milligan

To reread, or not to reread...

...that is the question!

My sorority book club is made up of both alums and collegiates, and was formed during this quarantine. So far, there have been three books, and two of those titles I had previously read. I reread the first one because I had given it a full 5 stars, and it had been several years since. So, while I would normally not have reread it, I really didn't mind.

This next one duplicate, Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, is on the other end of the spectrum. I went back to my Goodreads page to read my review (which caused me to chuckle), and I am now very torn on whether or not I will reread it.

Rachel and I discussed this in a BBQ (Bubbly Bibbly Quickie) for our podcast, and she is going to reread it because of the group. She feels a responsibility to read it for the ladies in the group, especially the younger ones. She wants to be a good example of a reader.

So, as you can see, I'm quite torn. Any advice out there?

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