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Today's music just doesn't understand

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

As I type this, it is Saturday night, I am writing a new episode of the Bubbly Bibbly podcast, and listening to my "Songs I Love" Amazon playlist. Currently, Ann and Nancy Wilson are singing about a barracuda. According to the producer of the single: "Barracuda' was created conceptually out of a lot of this record business bullshit. Barracuda could be anyone from the local promotion man to the president of a record company. That is the barracuda. It was born out of that whole experience."

As I am typing and singing along, thoroughly surrounded by Ann's amazing and unparalleled voice, I realize that there will never again be music like this. I lived in the best generation of music.

Does everyone think this?

Does my dad think that Aretha's "Chain of Fools", CCR's "Fortunate Son" and "Bungle in the Jungle" by Jethro Tull to be the best music ever?

He can't. He just can't. Yes, there was Elvis, bringing the devil's music and gyrating hips, The Beatles with their long hair and flippant attitudes, CCR and Bob Dylan with their social commentary disguised at hits, The Doors marrying beautiful poetry with soul-crashing melody.

Okay, dad would be right. That music was ground-breaking, awesome, and timeless.

But, come on. Heart was two badass talented women who told it like it was, and took the helm in a revolution of women in music. They sang. They wrote. They played a mean guitar. But that voice, Ann. Ay, Adios Mio!

And as I think of little girls everywhere singing the lyrics to Cardi B's "WAP". Puhlease. First of all, this is NOT a singer that impresses. Is she famous? Yep. Rich? Yep. But is she going to make an impact that lasts into the future? Nope. Who will? Who can young women lift up as icons in today's music.

Well, let this 55-year-old-white-woman take a shot at making a list:

  • Beyonce - the queen of female black pride, which has been a long time coming. She is hella talented, but also because she took her husband's extramarital affair, hung it out on a line, and showed women everywhere that they don't have to take that shit laying down. Makes me thirsty for some lemonade.

  • Lady Gaga - a total embrace of humanity and all that means: baby, you were born this way!

  • Taylor Swift - growing up before our eyes, and taking charge of her career, art, and giving us the path to have an unpopular opinion because it's the right one, reminding everyone that they need to calm down.

  • Rhianna - because she does not give one shit about what anyone thinks, and she lives her life on her terms.

  • Jennifer Lopez - Talk about a triple threat! She sings, acts, and, at the age of 50, performed at the halftime superfuckingbowl show.

  • Katy Perry - the emancipator of girls who feel they are not good enough, because YOU ROAR!

  • Chrissy Teigen - Okay, okay. She doesn't make music, but she is such a presence. I have to include her, and I can, because it's my business. Chrissy! WOW. She is another one who feels her worth every single day. First and foremost, she is a wife and mother. Oh, and she is also a cook and author of several cookbooks, cookware, and shut up right now about that robe collection. And let's not forget the salty replies she gives to haters online. BEAST.

It is NOT hard to find them. And that gives me hope and makes me glad. Ann and Nancy were not the beginning, and thank goodness, they will not be the last.

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