• Carmen Milligan

Wednesday Word: Bucolic




  1. relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life. "the church is lovely for its bucolic setting" synonyms: rustic · rural · pastoral · country · countryside · agricultural · agrarian · outdoor

I recently finished my third watching of the series "Schitt's Creek", and "bucolic" is a word that Moira uses in S6:E13. She is saying goodbye to the Jazzagals, the local acapella singing group. Her short speech is memorable to me because she tells them that she has never felt more buttressed than she has in their company. It is a beautiful realization from the one character who has consistently had trouble acknowledging the benefits her family has experienced after losing their fortune, and finding themselves living in a place they would never had experienced otherwise.

Which makes the next part all the more poignant. Moira goes on to tell the gals that "wolf pups are born blind and deaf, and in your care I have learned to see and hear the beauty in the bucolic." Here she is, on the cusp of leaving this place she has obviously grown to appreciate, and she lets her tribe of friends know, finally, that they have made a difference for the better in her life in more ways that one.

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