• Carmen Milligan

Wednesday Word: The I vs. Me conundrum

Stop the madness! There are so many people misusing "I" for "me" in sentences that I fear it will become accepted, and change the language rules. People! Don't let your ignorance negatively affect the lexicon! It really is very simple:

The EASY PEASY way to make sure you are saying it correctly is to remover the other person/thing. That's all in the world you have to do!

So, if you are tempted to say, "It really surprised Mary and I that it was Christmastime", all you have to do is remove Mary, and say it in your head again, "It really surprised I that it was Christmastime". See? That sounds wrong. And it sounds wrong because it is wrong.

Unfortunately, so many people are saying it this way that the correct version is starting to sound wrong. Say this out loud: "It really surprised Mary and me that it was Christmastime." Don't be afraid to admit that "Mary and I" sounds better to you than "Mary and me". That is because so many speakers are saying it incorrectly.

But it is still incorrect. You can help stop the madness!! Before you use "and I", try the "removal test", and get your truth there. Meanwhile, Mary and I are going shopping! The stores had better get ready for Mary and me.

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