• Carmen Milligan

Welcome to 55!

My 55th birthday came and went with very little fanfare. When your birthday is on a Monday during a pandemic there aren't many options, right? It suited me, though. The days of enjoying the attention, wanting a fancy cake, and having a few gifts to open have ended for me. I used to be amazed when my mom said, "there is nothing I want, don't buy me anything." Now, I feel the exact same way. If I want something, I get it. I am very aware of my time ticking away, and I am not one to put something off, waiting on a good occasion to get it. A good occasion is NOW, if I want it.

Thus, there is nothing I want. Because I already have it. Because I probably just bought it. And that's the way it is.

However!! My coworker Fran (Fabulous Friend Fran) sent me a surprise treat that made me laugh like a little girl when I opened it. It was a "Send a Cake" 'ogram!! I had NO idea what I was in for, so I opened it like it was a regular box, and not a BOX FULL OF MAGICAL FLYING BUTTERFLIES AND JUMPING FLOWERS!! When I took the lid off, the sides started opening, with more sides opening, and even one last layer of box sides opening. What was causing them to open? The magical flying butterflies, of course! And, as the butterflies were going all over, they were carrying silk flower buds with them! I was surrounded by pink and red flowers, and three or four sizes of butterflies. Tension from a twisted rubber band sent them aloft, and it was truly a magical moment. I even twisted them again, piled all of them with the flowers back in the box, and put the lid on. All so I could relive the moment. It wasn't quite the same, but it was still fun. It was the nicest surprise I have gotten in a long, long time.

Oh! And there was a cake in the middle of all of this. A tiny adorable Bundt cake. Hitting 55 on a Monday during a pandemic was pretty darned thrilling, after all.

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