• Carmen Milligan

Why don't you tell me when it's okay, Karen.

Please explain to me why anyone gives a damn about when someone else puts up their Christmas tree! I have seen posts on social media, memes, heard comments and snide remarks, and forget about shopping anytime around the middle of October because you are going to see Christmas decorations, along with hearing people complaining about it. It's a multimedia experience.

Are these people calling you to ask you to help put things up? Are you being pressed into service by your neighbors to hang lights on their roofs and eaves? Do you have to go to someone's house to check the lights for them before putting them on the tree?



It is absolutely none of your concern or business, and no one wants to know what you think about it. If I want to put up my tree in May, I'm going to put up my tree in May. If I want to leave it up until May, I will do that, too. And it is none of your damn.

If you have a compulsion to constantly have something about which to complain, point your eyes elsewhere. Like poverty, people who won't have a Christmas this year, people who go to bed hungry ... you know, legitimate things that nag at the insides of most people. Otherwise, shut your complaining mouth and enjoy the twinkle lights as you drive past my house.

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